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The Ataris - So long,Astoria

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Columbia Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Lou Giordano
Artist discography


A mighty successful band on the independent level with
a few releases behind but "So long,Astoria" is their
first major release which is produced by Lou Giordano
who also has worked with Goo Goo Dolls.

We?re talking punkish modern rock but in a more adult
way than bands like Sum 41 and Blink 182 that is more
for the youth,no this is more mature and much more
brain behind the melodies.

You could say they?re like a mix of "Lit" and "A" who did the superb "HiFi serious" last year,as a matter of
fact singer Kris Roe sounds a bit like Jason Perry of
the band "A".

The Ataris got lots of energy in their music but also
show a melodic side with some nice keyboards to make
it even more enjoyable in songs like "Saddest song" and "The hero dies in this one".

"Take offs and landings" rocks real good with lots
of LIT harmonies over it but the strong tune here is
"My reply" that could?ve been taken from "A"?s album
Hifi serious,a true fave and a candidate for the top
10 songlist this year.

They also do a splendid cover of Don Henley?s superhit
"Boys of summer",a party rocker indeed or why not for
the days on the beach this summer.


Tracklisting 1. so long, astoria
2. Takeoffs and Landings
3. In This Diary
4. My Reply
5. Unopened Letter to the World
6. The Saddest Song
7. Summer '79
8. The Hero Dies in This One
9. All You Can Ever Learn is What You Already Know
10. The Boys Of Summer
11. Radio #2
12. Looking Back On Today
13. Eight of Nine
14. I Won't Spend Another Night Alone
15. The Saddest Song - Acoustic


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