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David Franj - Wrong Place, Wrong Time...

David Franj - Wrong Place, Wrong Time...

Reviewer :
Rick Huisseune Format: Album
Year: 2003
Genre: Pop
Artist discography


- It almost looks like the RCM management in Australia is kind of keen on handsome looking acts. I remember Rick Price, Tina Arena and later on the Vertigo band. Now they with this guy David Franciosa from Melbourne and again it's someone who's doesn't look bad at all. Lucky enough this guy can write songs and sings well. This album is not a shocker but has it's peak moments like "Oxygen" and "Never Be Amazing". If you were into the work of the late Troy Newman and/or Chris Rodriguez you will certainly enjoy this, but it's still not as good as these guys. I kinda liked "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" it's a nice album to be added to your collection, nothing more, nothing less.

Tracklisting 1. Never Be Amazing
2. God Only Knows
3. Teresa
4. Yellow Flowers
5. Perfect World
6. Take Your Time
7. Oxygen
8. Song For You
9. Got Lost
10. Shoot Me Down
11. Lie To Ourselves


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