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Jeff Coffey - s/t

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Smoketree
Genre: Pop
Producer: Joe Smith
Artist discography


Hearing this artists name and looking at the cover
made me believe that he was more of a bluesrock
guitarist than the actual midwestrocker he is,then we
I went in to visit his website I noticed that he had
toured with such famous acts like Vertical Horizon,
Hootie and the Blowfish and Blessid union of souls.
So well,it looked good I must confess but with the
album spinning around 4-5 times,I?m not too impressed!
This is a guy with a voice sounding a bit like Kevin
Chalfant but not as good and powerful,in some songs
he even feels insecure in his way of singing.

This kinda midwest is not very laid back,Jeff tries to
rock it up a bit but fails on the way because he?s
stuck on square one.

Songs like "Anyway" and "Carousel" are in fact real
lousy,the melodies feels uninspiring and boring and
almost gives me a headache.

And what do we have here then?!,oh my god what a rip
off of Bangles hit "Manic Monday",the song "Pop goes
the world" has the same melody in the verse as the
Bangles hit,-Do your own melodies Jeff!

The only vague light on this record is the AOR smelling
"Write about me" that actually has that Two Fires
sound we?re used to hear from Kevin Chalfant.

The rest is just on it?s way to garbage can.

Tracklisting 1. Say I
2. Back To You
3. Carousel
4. Secret Love Affair
5. Pop Goes The Wold
6. Write About Me
7. Anyway
8. Tell Her
9. Always


Melodic Net Comments 

Wow! I totally disagree with your review! No pop/rock CD collection would be complete without this Jeff Coffey CD. It is a future classic! Its tracks could fit well on any radio station playlist. Jeffs mastery of songwriting combined with the strength of his voice are what makes this an awesome CD! His diversity as a songwriter is evident here from the anthem style rocker, "Say I", to the touching song of love and loss, "Always". There are uptempo songs with catchy choruses like, "Carousel", and "Write About Me". "Pop Goes The World" is a fun, quirky song about reality television. You can almost feel yourself float away as the song "Anyway" carries you back on a sentimental journey. Every song on this CD attests to his musical talents. The CD-ROM footage with interviews and live concert versions of "Secret Love Affair" and "Write About Me" is a real treat! I was there when they were filmed, and it is a a joy to watch the performances again and again. This is a must have CD for any rock/pop collection.
2003-06-13 01:21:33

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