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Ivory Tower Project - Red Hot

Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2008-03-31
Label: Guerrilla Records
Genre: AOR
Artist discography


This project was unknown for me til? I got a copy of this album. This is a 4-track EP that they send me.
So folks, listen up. The Ivory Tower Project has a 80?s sound and feeling over their material and brings
us a nice mixture of AOR/Pomp with very good 80?s production even that we are in the year 2000.
Ok, this might sound to dated for many but if your into AOR/Pomp of the 80?s then these 4-tracks will
please you a lot.
Listen to the Cannata/Russ Ballard sounding AOR/Pomp song "Burning" with great 80?s keyboards and
a chorus that the mentioned artist brought us in the mid-80?s.
"Gotcha" is a Pop/AOR a?la Cutting Crew meets Cannata. This is a song that could have been on some
soundtrack from the 80?s.
"Way Too Late" is a Pop/AOR rocker in the veins of Russ Ballard, Stonebolt and Cannata. The singer
Mark Regula has a voice that reminds very much of Russ Ballard and Larry Green(Fortune,Harlan Cage).
"My Name" is Pomp/AOR a?la Stonebolt with big sound and vocals.
There is couple of names on this project that has worked with some big names, Richie Cannata sax
(formerly with Billy Joel) and Ivan Elias bass (formerly with Patty Smyth & Scandal) to mention few.
With only 4-tracks Ivory Tower Project has proved that this is a project to look out for and I hope to hear
a full-length album soon.
So if you think that acts like Stonebolt, Russ Ballard, Cannata and even some touches of Saga is your
favourite kind of music then check out this project and e-mail them at and give it a try.


Melodic Net Comments 

This cd rocks! Great songs,singing and playing. My Name is my favorite with big fat drums and guitar. Burning is a cool synth rocker with special effects. Gotcha is a wild dance track and Way Too Late kicks ass. Check this out! Rock on! Kenny
2003-04-27 00:25:23

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