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Europe - The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show (Live At the Roundhouse)

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-07-21 Year: 2017
Label: Silver Lining Ltd
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Captured by Patric Ullaeus Revolver Film Company AB
Artist discography


There are songs that make you happy from the first note because it makes you remember an era when glamrock was ruling the charts.
The Final Countdown is absolutely one of those.
As soon as the keyboard starts the awesome intro glamrock lovers get a smile on their faces, me included.
I can't count the numerous times i've been singing along with it.
Now, 30 years after the original album was released Europe comes with a live anniversary.

Isn't that great.., off course it is.
To build up the exitement, as a treat the release also consitsts a live performance from the latest studio album War Of Kings as well.
And this is where the album starts with.

Played in slightly a different order Europe delivers an awesome performance of this latest studio release which put the band back on the map.
After waiting for 1:24 minutes of crowd noise (way to long) before the first music really kicks in the band goes full throttle into opening song Hole In My Pocket.
To be honest i am not really fond of THe Second Day, which is delivered weak with only the guitarsolo really standing out.
Also i think the album really starts to get interesting after the first 5 songs.
Highlights on this first half are the awesome Angels (With Broken Hearts) a superb ballad with a bit of a 70's vibe, Children Of The Mind on which all musicians show what they are made of.

John Norum gets honered with the instrumental Vasastan on which he gives us his great solowork.

The best songs however are Rainbow Bridge with its arabic composition and of course  titlesong War Of Kings is the best song with awesome vocals and a great compositions. Maybe the best song they've written after The Final Countdown and technically much better.

I must admit that Here and there Joey has to fight to get some notes right, but to me that is what a live performance is all about. Fight to survive on stage.

The 2nd half on the album is what all fans really have been waiting for THE FINAL COUNTDOWN played entirely!!!

Now after hearing the first part don't be surprised if the 2nd part sunds more predictable since the band has grown musically.
However these Final Countdown songs are hihgly addictive and great to sing along with.
So what to write about the songs you probably all know.
Maybe the best thing to add is This is a true party.
As soon as that keyboard kicks in i get chickenskin from exitement instantly and start juming around like a madman Awesome with a capital A. Ahh that solo how many times did i try to whitle it...
Of course there are all the other hits as well like Candy, Rock The night and Cherokee.
But over and over again i just want to countdown that one song again.

The only bit of criticism i can give is that the sound is sometimes a littlebit thin. on some songs I miss some pepper here and there.
But hey they are not known for giving us heavy metal aren't they.
Have fun with this release Europeans!


Tracklisting 1. Hole in My Pocket (Live)
2. The Second Day (Live)
3. Praise You (Live)
4. Nothin to Ya (Live)
5. California 405 (Live)
6. Angels (With Broken Hearts) [Live]
7. Days of Rock 'N' Roll (Live)
8. Children of the Mind (Live)
9. Rainbow Bridge (Live)
10. Vasastan (Live)
11. Light it Up (Live)
12. War of Kings (Live)
13. The Final Countdown (Live)
14. Rock the Night (Live)
15. Carrie (Live)
16. Danger on the Track (Live)
17. Ninja (Live)
18. Cherokee (Live)
19. Time Has Come (Live)
20. Heart of Stone (Live)
21. On the Loose (Live)
22. Love Chaser (Live)
23. The Final Countdown (Reprise) [Live]


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