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Arcade Fire - Everything Now

Arcade Fire - Everything Now

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Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2017-07-28 Year: 2017
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Indie Rock
Artist discography


Everything Now is the fifth studio album by the Canadian  band Arcade Fire. The album is produced by Arcade Fire alongside Thomas Bangalter of the electronic-house duo Daft Punk and Pulp bassist Steve Mackey. Just like on "Reflector", Arcade Fire throws between the styles, with pure ABBA feeling in the title song of synthetically-reggae in "Peter Pan" to some kind of skewed soul rock in the ballad "We do not deserve love". Strong all along but still - this isn't one of the best albums from the band. There is a lack of good songs and too many empty roads between the good songs.

Tracklisting 1. Track 1
2. Everything Now
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
8. Track 8
9. Track 9
10. Track 10
11. Track 11
12. Track 12
13. Track 13


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