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Michael Oakley - California

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Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-10-06 Year: 2017
Label: Michael Oakley
Genre: Retrowave
Artist discography


The retrowave movement started with the lovely Drive Soundtrack from 2011, the brilliant film starring Ryan Gosling. Modern synthmusic inspired by 80´s film composers like Giorgio Moroder, Brad Fiedel and Harold Faltermeyer. And the bands kept coming like wildfire, there are some really awesome names worth knowing such as FM-84, The Midnight, Foret De Vin, Timecop 1983, LeBrock and this guy from Glasgow, Scotland. Michael Oakley!

I bet he´s just as excited as I am, waiting for Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix. Who knows, perhaps one day one of his songs on the brand new "California" EP will be featured on an upcoming episode of Stranger Things. God knows, he´s that good.

This EP includes the previous singles "Devotion", "Rabbit in the headlights" and the superb "Turn back time". But also amazing new tracks like "End of summer" and the title track "California" that makes me wanna dress up like Tubbs and Crockett in Miami Vice. Want a guide to wearing shoes without socks first?

Best track then? "Here comes the night".......hrm, nah, "Turn back time", yeah that´s the one. Or why not "Devotion". Aaaaargh, I can´t decide.


1.Rabbit in the headlights

2.Turn back time



5.Here comes the night

6.End of summer


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