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Plan Three - Wish I Was Stormborne

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Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-29 Year: 2017
Label: Gain
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


Man, have I been waiting for new music from Plan Three. Since I heard their previous single When Everything Comes to An End, I have been obsessed. I must have listened to that song over 100 tímes by now. Given that info, take a guess if I was excited when I got a link to a new album by the band.


So, imagine my disappointment when I did not like the first single, which is also the opening track. I think that they have lost their edge on that one and it is sadly one of the weaker songs on here. But fear not, it gets better, a whole lot better! Already at the following song they have got me nodding my head in approval.


I can feel that they have gone a bit of the same way as fellow Swedes Sonic Syndicate. They have stepped away from the heaviest parts of the rock scale and stepped more into arena rock and it suits Plan Three quite well as well. One thing that is still intact though are the amazing vocals from lead singer Jacob. That dude can sing! I like the use of sting arrangements that shows up here and there, which adds another dimension to the songs. Everything sounds very big and clean when it comes to the production.


Favorite songs on the album? I really like The Otherside and Unveil the Unknown. Echo is also a great song, as is Where Do We Go From Here. I like the variation and diversity among the songs, they handle both rockers as well as slower songs.


As a bonus for me, they close the album with When Everything… let us just hope that the title is not a sign of things to come though, as we do not want things to end for Plan Three. Not when they finally have released this album. This will be a safe buy for you people who loves radio-friendly rock with great vocals, hooks and melodies. For me, a bit of an unexpected album with the slightly different sound. But nonetheless a very good one. Welcome back boys!

Tracklisting 1. Welcome to the Edge
2. The Otherside
3. Echo
4. Carl Sagan
5. Photograph
6. Wish I Was Stormborne
7. Unveil the Unknown
8. Where Do We Go from Here
9. Oblivion
10. Burn
11. When Everything Comes to an End


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