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Kee of Hearts - Kee of Hearts

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-15
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Alessandro Del Vecchio
Artist discography


How many of these so-called bands/projects from Frontiers Music can they actually pull off before the melodic rock fans says stop, but as it is now I guess there´s no end in sight.
If Kee Marcello had reached out to Tommy Heart and said "let´s write some songs and form a band", I do believe the result would´ve been more original than the Kee of Hearts record we got in our hands now.
It might have anything to do with that Alessandro Del Vecchio has not only produced the record, he also plays keyboards and has written the most of the music.
So this album, Kee of Hearts featuring Tommy Heart - Lead Vocals (Fair Warning) and Kee Marcello - Guitars (ex.Europe) is more of Alessandro Del Vecchio´s baby than a Marcello/Heart collaboration.
Every cliché ever written can be found on this album, I mean take the chorus "Oh-oh, living on the edge of paradise" that belong in Eurovision Song Contest. Second division AOR like this only makes me sad.
Soundwise, Kee of Hearts are in the same neighborhood as Casanova, The Poodles and Fair Warning. Well, the album doesn´t entirely suck, there are a couple of good songs on it like "Crimson Dawn" that bring thoughts to Zeno and "Mama don´t cry" which sounds like an unreleased song by Alien.
But if I want to listen to Kee Marcello, I prefer "That makes one" by Easy Action and the Europe albums "Out of this world" and "Prisoners in paradise".


1.The storm

2.A new dimension

3.Crimson dawn

4.Bridge to heaven


6.Mama don´t cry



9.Edge of paradise

10.Twist of fate

11.Learn to love again


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