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Shrub - Señorita

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2010-02-17 Year: 2010
Label: Rastatari Records
Genre: Reggae,  Rock
Producer: Shrub
Artist discography


Shrub is for fans of reggae and that puff puff life.

'We Wanna Smoke' is clearly about getting high. Its also about hanging out with your friends and laying back in the summer sun on the beach. 

'Senorita' drifts your ears into a slow reggae love like song about needing someone but them not being able to give you what all your looking for 100%

'Come And Get It' is about feeling lucky and looking to score while your at it.

'I Did It For Us' was written in regards to how the vocalist went above and beyond to make the relationship he was in at the time work alongside the music. 

'My Blood' is another personal track in regards to the vocalists life. Its about wishing and hoping he can be as strong as his parents.

'Cherries' is the one and only piece off Senorita I liked. It has a really nice country rock kinda vibe about it and captures the feeling of wondering if life gets better in the mist of darkness. 

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Tracklisting 1. We Wanna Smoke
2. Señorita
3. Come And Get It (Ft. Lyrical)
4. I Did It For Us (Ft. Jenny Flory)
5. My Blood
6. Cherries


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