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Maddy Ellwanger - Hunny

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-04 Year: 2017
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Maddy Ellwanger
Artist discography


Maddy Ellwanger brings to us Hunny the 3rd piece in her discography. 

Right off the bat I must say Hunny is definitely a improvement from previous work. You can hear Maddy a whole lot better and clearly. The production yet alone lyrics are more crisp,mature and relatable to the listener. I feel that her risky move to California helped her grow a great deal not just as an artist but as a person and it reflects on this album. 

'NighQuil' is my favorite track off Hunny. I actually enjoyed the whole spooky noir life aura it gave off. The music video is equally mysterious yet oddly charming. 

If you are really big on avant gard,Halloween and quirky splendid things I strongly recommend you give this whole album a listen for yourself. I don't want to give everything away here like I usually do but I can assure you there is a track for all to sink their ears into. 

You can find Hunny on various music streaming media platforms. However,if you wish to purchase a physical copy hop over to the Maddy Ellwanger official website listed in her bio section right here on Melodic Net. 


Tracklisting 1. Antonio
2. Loverboy
3. Beverly Is Bitchin'
4. Ponyboy
5. Money
6. Hunny
7. Shoot Up! Shoot Up!
8. Nighquil
9. Boo Hoo Blue
10. West Is The Best
11. Angel Baby


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