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Blindwish - Good excuses

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-01 Year: 2017
Label: Rise Records
Genre: Alternative Rock
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We have a word in Sweden called "Lagom" that is hard to translate into another language just because there ain´t no word in, let´s say English. "Lagom" means somewhere in between, like when we´re talking weather. It´s not too cold or too hot, it´s "Lagom".
And the word "Lagom" suits the music of Dallas based Blindwish´s debut album "Good excuses" because it´s neither too hard, too poppy, too complex, too simple.
They´re so 2017 with their blend of alternative rock, pop-punk and even elements of electronica. The music is well-performed and there are some catchy choruses on it as well, but these songs just don´t give any goosebumps.
Many bands comes and goes, I´m afraid Blindwish are one of those bands.


1.After midnight


3.Single word

4.Cold shoulders


6.They´re not real


8.Tied in nots

9.The maze



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