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From Zero - My so called life

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Arista
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Warren Riker
Artist discography


Numetal at it?s best containing the riff of the year
on the song "Fleeting glimpse"(superheavy),this Chicago band did
the album "One nation under" 2001 that were more in the
destructive aggrometal style and it had it?s moments
but I never thought of it as a record that stand out
among the rest of the genre.

The new album "My so called life" is more positive
sounding and completely gone is the hate,hate and more
hate in the lyrics.

Singer Jett and the boys in From Zero aren?t so angry
nowadays and together with producer Warren Riker that
has worked with artists in a totally different genre
(Fugees,Lauryn Hill),they have done a major face lift
of the sound on the songs.

Their song structure on most of the songs on "My so called life" goes from a cool verse to a hard refrain
with strong melodies,I come to think about bands like
Saliva and Stereomud when I hear these songs.

The incredible strong line up of songs impress me a lot
and the guitarplaying from Peter Capizzi and Joe
Pettinato gives the music a fresh sound,especially on
the song "Believe" where they have one playing a brilliant melody through the whole song while the other
boys change harmonies....wonderful!

"Time of day" and "Lines" are more basic hard rock
than numetal but in a modern way,when most massive
numetal bands are like grizzly bears and just tear
down what?s in the way,From Zero is the Polar bear
that comes sneaking up on it?s prey with finesse.

The first single "Sorry" was the right choice to
show how they sound,that chorus is a blockbuster.

In my so called life,From Zero has taken it?s
place to stay

Tracklisting 1. Myself
2. Lines
3. Sorry
4. My So Called Life
5. Sold Out
6. I Don't Care Anymore
7. Time Of Day
8. Drama Queen
9. Fleeting Glimpse
10. Free Without A Struggle
11. Believe


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