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Anberlin - Blueprints For The Black Market

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Tooth & Nail
Genre: Christian Rock
Producer: Aaron Sprinkle
Artist discography


A new band on the modern rock-scene is what we have here and a really good one for sure! Musically we?re somewhere between modern rock bands with a little punk/powerpop attitude like Superdrag, Marvellous 3 and Mars Electric to name a few and a more straight ahead modern rock like Neve, Tonic and that sort of bands. The album is filled with fat guitar-licks and great harmony vocals and tons of melodic hooks and refrains. Third out ?Change The World? smells Tonic a long way and the opening track ?Ready Fuels? have a superb refrain.
The production signed by Aaron Sprinkle (a guy we have reviewed earlier as a soloartist here at Melodic.Net) has done a great job with the sound. Some of the songs are feeling a bit ?to the same? if you get my point but that?s is just a tiny little complaint when the stuff is this good. I suggest all of you lovers of guitar-driven modern rock with a pop-edge to open your wallet and buy a copy at once. This band is here to stay for sure. And then I haven?t mentioned what is probably the best tune on the album, ?We Dreamt In Heist?. A song that feels like the missing link between old timed fashioned bands like Nelson mixed with Marvellous 3 sort of vibes. As I said? Impressive debut.

Tracklisting 1. Ready Fuels (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
2. Foreign Language (Blueprints for The Black Market Album Version)
3. Change the World (Lost Ones) (Blueprints for The Black Market Album Version)
4. Cold War Transmissions (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
5. Glass to the Arson (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
6. The Undeveloped Story (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
7. Autobahn (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
8. We Dreamt In Heist (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
9. Love Song (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
10. Cadence (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)
11. Naive Orleans (Blueprints For The Black Market Album Version)


Melodic Net Comments 

Bengt Rist
2003 was a good year for melodic modern rock. One of the bands that made a obvious contribution, were Anberlin. "ready fuels", "naive orleans" and "foreign language" are songs that i will never get tired of playing.

Anberlin is a 5 piece christianband from Florida with a 16 year old drummer named Nathan(hits like he was 26) and a singer with the suitable last name Christian and Stephen as his firstname, his voice is very personal.
These guys love 80?s rock with all from A flock of seagulls to The Smiths and that reflects their sound a bit,Anberlin plays modern rock with 80?s feel so to speak.
Opening track "Ready fuels" sounds like a softer version of the English rock explosion A who released the splendid "Hifi serious",I like this guitardriven uptempo modern rock with lots of good vibes in it.
Then a more Third eye blind kinda tune takes over with "Foreign language",it takes a few rounds to appreciate this because I thought at first that it was nothing special but the melodies grows on me everytime I listen to it.
3rd track "Change the world" is one of the better songs on this album,a real strong chorus like a mix of A meeting Third eye blind and the guitars do rock!
When I think about that the latest 3EB record didn?t have the same quality of songs we?re used to hear from them,I can say without doubt that a melodic song like "Cold war transmission" had been a perfect choice to make the standard better on "Out of the vein",Anberlin doesn?t have as good songs as the peaks on Third eye blind?s new album but there are 7?s out of a 10 rating all through the album.
Anberlin rock harder than Stephan Jenkins and Co in 3eb but not as hard as Jason Perry and the guys in A,the production is handled by Aaron Sprinkle who is behind many of the releases on Tooth and Nail but this time he really made it work (compared to Poor Old Lu and Holland).
The sound is filled with crispy guitars and floating keyboards, the material is strong through the whole album and even if it?s not super in any way,"Blueprints for the black market" is very good and will grow on you if you only give it a chance.
Many compare them to Jimmy eat world too and that is not far from the truth in the more catchy tunes on this album( that is their first on Tooth and Nail).
Our webmaster Wippo who is a sucker for this type of modern rock will run over bodies to get this CD......*laughter*!
2003-05-27 09:07:45

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