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Satellites - Black Dog

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Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-09-29 Year: 2017
Label: Satellites
Genre: Punk Rock
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Satellites is a punk rock band from Brisbane, Australia not to be confused with two other bands with the same name. A noise pop band from Romania and a metalcore band from the U.K.

Punk Music is all about energy and attitude and in Johnny Rotten´s case, also anger!

Satellites have both the energy and attitude on their second EP ”Black dog” but I do miss some memorable songs but I´m pleased to hear that they´ve got a sound of good old school punk rock that feels honest so at least they´re a band with potential. I wasn´t wasting my time on this EP.

Recommendable if you like Bad Religion, Courage Dear Heart, Green Day

Tracklisting 1.Home sweet home
2.Thank you
5.Through gritted teeth
6.Johnny Ray


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