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Plumb - Beautiful lumps of coal

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-03-25 Year: 2003
Label: Curb
Genre: Christian Pop
Producer: Plumb/Jay Joyce
Artist discography


Super commercial stuff indeed from female singer Tiffany Arbuckle and Co in Plumb,their 3rd and new album is like a box full of potential hits.

Imagine Natalie Imbruglia moving to Nashville and then did a modern rock soundtrack album to the Dawson Creek
Tv series,Plumb has the same feeling as Corrs on the refrains,the same tender touch on the melodies as Vanessa Carlton,the same guitardriven uptempo poprockeffect that Alanis Morrissette used to deliver and the same beautiful charizma that Natalie Imbruglia has.

This is nothing new under the sun but the songs are filled with sunshine and joy,the beat in them all will get you going like walking with bare feet on a hot street.
"Boys don?t cry" became a fave right away,when Plumb delivers strong tunes like that they deserve the same
respect and success as Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne has.

The step from the ballad verse on "Hold me" to the uptempo driven chorus in the same song is nothing but yummy for the ears,then we have the gracious & calm
"Nice,naive and beautiful" that echoes out Vanessa Carlton all over,my god what a lovely song it is.

There are a few more poppier tracks like "Real","Unnoticed" and the first single "Sink and swim" but mostly they rock more on the rest of the album with songs made for a mixtape such as "Free",
"Without you" and "Walk away".
It?s not a top 20 album but it?s recommendable for all buyers of hitlistrecords,pronto.


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