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Harem Scarem - The early years

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Harem Scarem
Artist discography


Frontiers releases many good things but this CD completed by old demos from Harry Hess and the boys feels rather unnecessary, the songs have been around on the net for many years and most Harem fans have them by now so when Frontiers and Harem Scarem decided to get it out
on CD it´s only to try to make a buck for themselves.
The idea is there nothing wrong with but it should have been done in another way ,these old songs are not bad, they just sound a bit dated and a few have been recorded on their albums after these recordings.

I myself am a big Harem fan but I would have taken a CD of their bonus tracks instead (there are at least that many that can fill up a normal length CD, but getting the rights for them all can be tough),and then to fill out the rest - these old demos sure would fit right in,I mean "I can hear them now" is one of their best ballads ever but I´d rather hear it re-recorded on a new album instead of this dated demo.

I begin to wonder what´s going on in Hess´ head when he recorded "Sentimental Blvd" on his solo album when the old version on Mood swings already is great, but he wanted to sing it himself I reckon.

I still think Harem Scarem can write awesome music because their latest effort "Weight of the world" is a real strong album but there´s just too much of this demo-bonus-unreleased-live and rare stuff going on with the band..........give it up.
Good songs but a boring release.


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