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Sleeping Wolf - The Silent Ones

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Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-08-11 Year: 2017
Label: Sleeping Wolf
Genre: Alternative Pop
Artist discography


Steven Solomon and Jake Newton in the Los Angeles based duo Sleeping Wolf, makes stadium-sized pop and have ambitions to tour the world with their infectious new EP "The silent ones".
After the first two EP´s, "The Dark" (2015) and "The Fire" (2016), Sleeping Wolf raise the bar on their 3rd EP and hope their songs will end up on more than just Netflix series.
Soundwise, the opening track "New kings" follow the same route as Imagine Dragons while the following title track is a 90´s electro-rock song in the same vein as Black Lab. My favorite song comes next and it´s "Love is the cure" which sounds like a modern version of Chris De Burgh. And by that, I mean more like "High on emotion" than "Lady in red".
The 4th track "Collide" is perfect as a main theme to a romantic film, the chorus will stick to your head like superglue. What a great song.
Too bad the last two tracks "High" and "One wish" don´t reach the same high level as the other songs, but it´s still a really strong EP.


1.New kings

2.The silent ones

3.Love is the cure



6.One wish


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