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Acroma - Orbitals

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-05-06 Year: 2003
Label: Republic/Universal
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Sylvia Massy Shivy
Artist discography


What do you get if you put together a bassplayer who
loves industrial rock,a drummer which is a fan of Tom Waits and weird stuff,
a sixstringbender who likes to listen to Smashing
Pumpkins and Janes Addiction plus a vocalist that
is a sucker for tuneful timeless pop?!.....the answer
is ACROMA(pronounced uh-crow-muh)from Salt lake city,

Jeremy Stanley-Vocals,Brian Christensen-Guitar,Tom
Collins-Bass and Joshua Zirbel-Drums formed Acroma
in the late 90?s and had their fresh and guitardriven
debut out early May.

Acroma spelled with an H(Achroma) is the medical term
for a lack of colour but looking at the music,it sure
aint a lack of good songs on this bands first album
titled "Orbitals",it contains very strong modern rock
with personality and edge.

The closest sounding bands I come to think about are
Live,Stir and Cave in but ACROMA do have their own
personal sound too with a fantastic produced bass.

The album gets better and better everytime I listen
to it and who knows by the end of the year,how much
I will like "Orbitals"?!,you just have to check ?em
out ?coz it opens with the moody "Careless ones" which
is a short track but goes over with a beautiful bridge
into the tougher "Sunrises down"(a real rocker).

3rd out is my fave "Sweat" that is a guitardriven
uptempo story filled with lava energy,then after that
brilliant start of the album the rest is a nice mix
of melodic modern rock songs such as "Wash away"(a song
with Stir feeling) and "On that day"(U2 meets Live)plus
more massive riff going rockers like "Motive"(nice
groove) and "Orbitals"(the title track is made for
the party mix tape).

This album was a good vitamin cure between all the
numetal releases and ordinary modern rock bands that
keep coming all the time.

Tracklisting 1. Careless Ones (Intro)
2. Sun Rises Down
3. Sweat
4. Wash Away (Some Desert Night)
5. Don't Think Just Move
6. Motive
7. Perfect
8. Big Karma Now
9. Distance
10. Orbitals
11. On That Day
12. Slow Down
13. Take The Pain


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