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Rock Candy Funk Party - The Groove Cubed

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-20 Year: 2017
Label: J&R Adventures
Genre: Funk
Producer: Tal Bergman
Artist discography


If anyone read my recent review on the 2015 album by ROCK CANDY FUNK PARTY, you could see that it was with high hopes that I awaited the new album. I had heard one song at Youtube, entitled “Don’t even try it”. It was such an improvement from 2015, now with vocals and something stylewise not far from TOWER OF POWER.

So I expected them do do more of this on this “The groove cubed” album. These guys are phenomenal musicians who like to mix various music styles and influences. And so they do, all through this obscenely diverse album. They mix jazz, funk, rock, new age – you name it. Parts of the album – or of some songs – are so great! Then other songs or parts are so weird that you just get mad. No matter how good players you get, it’s not amusing when they use a pattern or an idea for 5 minues almost with no variation at all. “Mr Space” is one of the songs that include great parts but also some incredibly boring passages.

“Two guys and Stanley Kubrick walk in to a jazz club” has got a cool title, but the song itself is pretty much rubbish. When I listened (a lot) to the previous “Groove is King” album my general feeling was that these awesome players were still high on meeting in the rehearsal facility for the first time – and they never really got past that. You see, that’s how many of the songs sound like. It’s like jamming with not much structure at all. Sadly, that feeling still remains on the new “The groove cubed” album. It’s such a waste on these phenomenal musicians.


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