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Carpark North - Hope

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-27 Year: 2017
Label: Copenhagen Records
Genre: Electronic
Producer: David Morup / Carpark North
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The new Carpark North album "Hope" is a typical sign of a band that wants to adapt to change, they already started the transformation on their 2014 album "Phoenix" but with "Hope", this Danish trio now has taken the full course in "follow-the-trends-and-be-a-pop-doc".
I get the album title, they want to bring hope to a dark world, but most of these songs aren´t that hopeful. I think the band has lost some of their identity on "Hope" with this pop-oriented sound and why two songs in their native language Danish?
They could´ve given those Danish songs to Rasmus Seebach instead and included the Lego-single "Unbreakable" which I miss so dearly on the new album.
I can´t say that "Hope" is a bad album, it´s just their weakest effort to date and I can only think of three songs that comes close to their awesome electro-rock days. They are "Raise your head", "Right where I want" and "When we were kids".



2.Raise your head

3.When we were kids

4.Feel so real

5.We used to have it all

6.Right where I want

7.Talk all night

8.All yours

9.Crystal continents



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