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Slow Burning Car - Defection

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-26 Year: 2017
Label: Trifonic Records
Genre: Rock
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There are albums that might pass you by without noticing they ever existed, Slow Burning Car´s 4th release "Defection" can be such an album because there are no hitsingles to be found even with a pair of binoculars. This is an album-band, like Angus Young of AC/DC once said "-We don´t make singles, we make albums".
The San Pedro, California based post-rock band Slow Burning Car writes songs that connect with eachother, especially the ending of their album "Defection" with the last 4 tracks should be enjoyed in one piece. The tracks "Bedtime", "Chrysanthemum", "Polar warden" and "Clouds" are like having Billy Corgan on a space rock odyssey. Very cool.
The band´s menu also includes a crossover of punk and 90´s hard rock where the opening track "Alpha Duplicor" bring thoughts to Ugly Kid Joe while other songs like "Soul crimes" and "Devil in the room" will make fans of The Offspring happy.
Troy Spiropoulos - Lead Vocals/Bass, Jesse Damon - Guitar, Tommy Marcel - Guitar, and Adam Idell - Drums, have released an interesting album that is anything but dull.
Just listen to the groovy "The Sunday Derby" that can be described as Suicidal Tendencies jamming with Alien Ant Farm, it´s hard to sit still to this one.
I like this band.


1.Alpha Duplicor

2.Soul crimes

3.The Orb

4.Devil in the room

5.The Sunday Derby

6.You can´t stay here



9.Polar warden



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