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Blinker the Star - 8 Of Hearts

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-27 Year: 2017
Label: Nile River Records
Genre: Power Pop
Artist discography


"8 of Hearts" is the 8th release from Canada´s best kept secret, Blinker The Star.
Whenever I meet someone and talk about this band, they look at me like I am a three-headed monster. Ok, I admit that they don´t sell the same amount of records as Nickelback but that doesn´t mean Blinker The Star should pass you by like a comet in the sky.
Bandleader Jordon Zadorozny has so much quality and uniqueness in his songwriting that he´s like the Picasso of music, I am so full of admiration for this guy that I hope someday he gets the recognition he deserves.
Last year, Jordon was involved in the awesome "The Baron of The Fjord" album with the band SheLoom, a 70´s pop/rock record for fans of 10cc.
Jordon goes in a different musical direction on "8 of Hearts" where he is surfing around in various genres like electronica, psych-pop and dream-prog.
Imagine a musical soup of Gary Numan, Rupert Hine, Everclear, It Bites and Digital Noise Academy and you´ll get the new album from Blinker The Star.
How cool isn´t that?!



2.Living proofs


4.Wear the crown

5.Caves and shadows


7.Billy Gallop

8.Don´t fear (the fantasy)


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