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April Blue - Pop girls etc.

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2016-06-04 Year: 2016
Label: independent
Genre: Soul
Producer: Ozz LP & April Blue
Artist discography


UK act APRIL BLUE really shook me up when I heard their recent cover version of the old GARY NUMAN classic “Cars”. Check it up at Youtube! Anyway, I discovered I had missed out their CD “Pop girls etc” from 2016, and it needs to be mentioned here.

The music style is a cool mix of pop, soul, lightweight rock and a bit of funk. Artists that can easily pop up in your mind while listening are PRINCE, SIMPLY RED, LEVEL 42 or SADE.

The band is OZZ LP (vocals, guitar), IAN MORCHER (vocals, bass), JAZZY DRUMS (drums) and SARAH PAYNE (keyboards).

“Valentine” is like a lightweight DIRTY LOOPS; a very nice funky pop soul tune. It is followed by the soulful and much softer “Cowboys & indians” (not to be confused with the likewise very nice song by NIK KERSHAW). The SADE vibes can be heard in the soft “Perfect part of me”, as well as “Jaded nights”. The former is a great example of how careful APRIL BLUE are with the arrangements. This could easily be a much more simple tune, but listen to the guitar work and how all instruments are accentuating the music all the time! The latter also reminds a lot of SIMPLY RED.

Anything on the downside then? Not too much at all. The sound is good, even though the guitar and drum sound is a bit too dry for my taste at times. The production by Ozz and the band is fully OK. Sure, you can hear it is no major label production but still the aforementioned arrangements make it worthwhile. I am impressed.


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