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Josefin Nilsson - Shapes

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 1993-03-23
Label: Mono Music
Genre: Pop
Producer: Benny Andersson
Artist discography


Many, many people miss ABBA a lot. Well, if you liked them more and more the longer their career went on, then you cannot miss out on this album. JOSEFIN NILSSON was from the island Gotland on the eastern side of Sweden. Mainly she was known as a member of AINBUSK SINGERS (later AINBUSK) with her sister MARIE among others.

For those in a hurry and without time to read long reviews: just buy this, since it is just as good as the best ABBA ever did. Songs are written by BENNY ANDERSSON and BJÖRN ULVAEUS, so no need to hesitate. Still not convinced? Among the musicians we find LASSE WELLANDER & HENRIK JANSON (guitars), RUTGER GUNNARSSON (bass), BENNY ANDERSSON (keyboards), PER LINDVALL (drums), backing vocalists LESLIE SMITH, MAGNUS RONGEDAL (BIG MONEY), KARIN GLENMARK, ANDERS GLENMARK and NILS LANDGREN… and more!

Guitars, keyboards and production are just the way we want it. Josefin’s voice fit perfectly to the ABBA:esque sound, and all in all this album is a magical experience. I mean, “Midnight dancer” is like symphonic, pomp based pop! It doesn’t get much better. Occasionally, other influences seem to have hit Andersson/Ulvaeus, like in the awesome ballad “When I watch you in your sleep” with more of 70’s ballad melodies. The harmony vocals in this one is almost like the ones of BONEY M.

“The film I’d like to see” is frightingly ABBA sounding! The soft but exciting arrangement, and how it builds up to the first chorus… Same goes for the track “Heaven and hell” which could easily have been on any of the last three ABBA albums. Just hear the lovely synth bass and the fantastic backing vocals! (There is a sound clip at the album’s discogs site where you can see Leslie Smith and Magnus Rongedal… goosebumps!) Talking about cleverly built-up arrangements, check out “We won’t be going anywhere”. Starting ever so soft but soon adding a picking bass, after which it just continues to get more and more poppy intense until it slows down after the chorus.

This is an incredible album. In a way more modern in its sounds than ABBA, but you can hear that the intentions are exactly the same. The more you listen to it, more cool details will be discovered. Everyone should have it. Interestingly enough, there are three different CD releases! I have all of them, as the crazy collector I am. Also released on vinyl in spite of the year of release! (SWEDISH DIAMONDS review series, #1)


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