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Simple Minds - Walk Between Worlds

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-02
Label: BMG
Genre: Pop,  New Wave
Producer: Andy Wright / Gavin Goldberg / Simple Minds
Artist discography


With "Walk between worlds", Simple Minds has made their first Top 5 album in 20 years which is kinda strange since it´s their weakest album since 1998´s "Neapolis".
But perhaps, the new album will appeal more to the mainstream than the superb releases before this one. I mean, "Walk between worlds" is no way near the quality of "Big Music" (2014) or "Graffiti Soul" (2009).
I had my doubts about the new album when I first heard the single "Magic", it´s a good pop song but it belongs on a Robbie Williams record, not this Scottish band.
Frontman Jim Kerr and the band´s captain Charlie Burchill has managed to come up with a few lovely tunes like "Barrowland star", "Silent kiss" and the amazing "Summer".
But as an entire album, the weak spots are too many and I can´t help but feeling a bit disappointed. However, Simple Minds don´t know how to make bad records so it´s still worth the bucks you will spent on it. But I expect so much more from a band that normally will lift me off the ground and leave Earth for a while.


1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and The Noise
5. In Dreams
6. Barrowland Star
7. Walk Between Worlds
8. Sense Of Discovery

Bonus tracks (deluxe edition)

9.Silent kiss

10.Angel underneath my skin

11.Dirty old town (live)


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