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Mark Spiro - King of the crows

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Atenzia Records
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Producer: Mark Spiro
Artist discography


Midwestern skies (from 96) is the name of one of the best songs ever written and also the name of this site?s origin before we changed to,so it?s no wonder we
keep a close look at the author of that song by the name of Mark Spiro,with every step that he takes,everymove that he makes,every breath that he takes-we?ll be watching him.
Some songwriters are rockers and some are poets but Spiro is both a rocker and a poet,Mark is the greatest infamous songwriter on earth because whenever you think of artists like John Waite,Mr.Big,Giant,Heart,Bad English and Cheap Trick etc. most people doesn?t realize it?s Spiro?s songs they?re listening to.

Take Julian Lennon?s great song and big hit "Saltwater" for example,how many of you out there
knows that Mark Spiro has cowritten it with Lennon?
If all those millions of people should go directly to the source,Spiro would be selling millions of copies of his own solo albums.He is not only a singer/
songwriter-he is THE singer/songwriter!

Mark is around to give us the wonderful gift of his music and will be around 4-ever too because he?s a legend in his own time and a legend never dies,"King of the crows" is his first album in 4 years and it?s like hearing the masterpiece "Now is then,then is now" but in a "Care of my soul" suit.

The songs on the new album are more like that classic record from 96(with Midwestern skies on it) but more acoustic driven,"Care of my soul"(94) may feel a little difficult for many to understand with it?s deep acoustic pop/rock but after hearing this new album I believe it?s easier to get through "C.O.M.S"
?coz they are like cousins.

"Now is then...." is a perfect AOR album and one of the best albums ever made so when Mark takes his music out to the public again,he does it with his 2nd best
album up to date and it was meant to be called "24 Hours" first but was changed to "King of the crows",a much better title ofcourse.

"Devotion"(97) had a lot of great unforgettable tracks but had too much of a low budget production so many of his fans liked the following "The stuff that
dreams are made of" (99) better ?coz it was better produced even though the songs weren?t as good as the ones on the 2 previous ones,none of these albums
can match "Now is then..." but a combination of great songs and a great production can be found on "King of
the crows" which is his 6th solo album(if you count In Stereo from 86).

With him on guitar is the outstanding axeman Tim Pierce which has the worlds most gorgeous hat,so it?s not only the Mark?s melodies you can enjoy to max-it?s
also Tim?s stunning guitarplaying.

We?ve got 12 new songs here,12 new apples in the fruit basket,12 cold beers waiting at home after a hot sunny day to share with your friends,"Julia" is a top
10 song with this guy if I should pick out his best stuff,the song has fantastic lyrics and I know it?s the no:1 choice in the kareoke machine at heaven?s gate,they?re all dancing and singing to that tune up
there....I?m sure!

"Saving grace" is the most electric uptempo song on the record and feels like the lost sister of the songs on "Now is then",AOR at it?s best ladies and gents.
Talking about Julian?s "Saltwater",there is one track that reminds a bit of that one and it?s "Everybody needs",a new side to Spiro which we haven?t heard so much of before...something fresh.

Another one that is real special is the Mr.Mister/Toy Matinee? smelling "When winter comes",supermoody song of highest quality and "Cracked" will satisfy every
midwest lover out there and even if you?re an anti-midwest person I know this song will surprise you too.

If Mark should play "Now is then" unplugged on a concert,the songs "One horse town","Always" and "It?s all about you" on the new CD will fit in perfectly in that set.
Do you care about music?!,well Mark takes care of you!
June 16th is the release date


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