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David Gerald - N2U

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2018
Label: independent
Genre: Blues
Producer: David Gerald
Artist discography


Here we’re talking varied music styles indeed… Apparently this is the second album by DAVID GERALD after his debut CD in 2009. While this new album starts out in a surprisingly cool hard rock/r’n’b mode, the rest of the album brings bluesrock, ballads and whatnot. So you’re not quite sure which leg the man wants to stand on…

The song I refer to, opening up the CD, is “Don’t wanna fall in love”. It is a shame that this style more or less does not come back again during the album, since it is the best stuff here in my humble opinion. There’s a hunch of it in “Willie the wimp”, which is one of two live songs included here, but this one is still more r’n’b rock with a touch of blues. The overall feeling of this CD is that is quite good, anyway, regardless of styles and what you might prefer. Sometimes one or two song ideas seem to dominate a song a little too much, where I would like to have gotten more  variation in the arrangement, but maybe that’s just me.

Gerald utilizes his band mates RONALD THIELEMAN (bass) and GEOFF KINDE (drums) at least on the live tracks, while info is missing as for the rest of the album. Information, by the way, is not Mr. David’s strength. I can’t see the year of release being printed anywhere on thd disc or the digipack, at least not readable. But it should be 2018.


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