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Stellar Dreams - The Crusader

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2013-06-03
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Synth
Producer: Stellar Dreams
Artist discography


Stellar Dreams is back and cheesier than ever! 

Must admit when I first gave Stellar Dreams a listen several months back I didn't catch on to their vibe. After hearing how their production work has improved a little I'm now a fan. If you love that 80's arcade and badly done 70's horror movie music from back in the day The Crusader is for you.

Starting off is the Ep titled track 'The Crusader' which gives off a somewhat "running away from an attacker" feeling. This song is actually the main focus for the whole listening experience and is used for a foundation. 

Next up we have 'High End' that will give the listener a sense of the adrenaline running through a persons veins in the chase scene of a film.

'The Crusader' (Kid Flash Remix) is actually better than the original mix because I felt there was added elements of mystery and just the overall approach of things was better executed. This is my favorite of the bunch.

'Mileage' is pretty much where the runner realizes how far he has gone to get away from whatever it is he is running from. 

'The Crusader' (Midnight Version) 'The Crusader' (Chiptune Version) were okay but the first 3 tracks are far better in my opinion. Really felt as if this Ep lacked variety but it certainly was better than their previous work. 




  1. The Crusader (Original Mix)
  2. High End (Original Mix)
  3. The Crusader (Kid Flash Remix)
  4. Mileage (Original Mix)
  5. The Crusader (Midnight Version)
  6. The Crusader (Chiptune Version)


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