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Jude Cole - In Plain Sight

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Pär Winberg Format: Album
Release date: 2018-08-10 Year: 2018
Label: Ironworks Music
Genre: Midwest Rock
Producer: Jude Cole
Artist discography


Jude Cole has been one of my major favorites ever since the 1980s when he released his debut with the same name. But it was with his next two albums that he really became one of the greatest artists in my record collection. "A View From 3rd Street" and "Start The Car", which came with two years apart, are still two of the best albums in my collection and do not contain a single bad song. The 1995 album - "I Do not Know Why I Act This Way" took a different direction from the two predecessors and was a bit more "complex" with some deeper lyrics and other types of instrumentation, but also a good album! After having taken a break with releasing albums, Falling Home came five years later - 2000 and is Judes' most "Rootsy" album in the same spirit as Ron Sexsmith and Ryan Adams ... In December, Jude released his new EP - "In Plain Sight" which is now also released digitally and what to say ... This is the best Jude made since 1992. Without a doubt. Certainly - it does not sound like the two albums from 1990 and 1992 without Jude pulling out the pivots and recording five songs in quite different "genres" - all seasoned with his amazing voice. The EP opens with "Taking Away My Home" that could have been taken from the "Start The Car" record. Then comes the pinnacle of the whole EP - the completely unassuming "The Dark". It is clearly among the absolute best he ever released. Imagine a mix of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Kevin Gilbert and Jude Cole for 6 minutes ... Absolutely amazing song. Even the song after is completely awesome. "Wax Wings" is groovy and sounds like an incredibly beautiful mix of Donald Fagen, Peter Gabriel and, of course, spiced with Judge's superb voice. Incredibly nice arrangement and nicely played. The fourth track on the EP is "Only Far Away" and follows the two previous tracks on the album. A bit softer and is a really strong song even it. The last song on the record is "I'll Miss You" where he is back to the sound of the early 1990s. Overall, this EP is nothing else is quite brilliant. I do not know if you really want to give EP five in grades, but I do not then do a second on this release is bad. What can I do more than give the highest rating?


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