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Misth - Fallen From Grace

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-05-15
Label: independent
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Mats Hallstensson
Artist discography


It’s been six years since the impressive debut album by Swedish band MISTH, who was kind of an offspring to the band MERCURY FANG. Apart from two songs released only as digital files in 2015, this is the first lifesign from the band and it is much appreciated. Furthermore, this new release is a double-CD!

MISTH is a female fronted melodic hard rock band with lots of progressive influences but also some oriental and neoclassical moves. This time I’d say they even dare to explore these genres even more than on the previous songs…

Still fronted by MARIA RÅDSTEN they are sure to have a solid voice with both feeling and power. Yes, it is the same Maria who was one of the vocalists in Swedish pop act ONE MORE TIME.

Right away in the opening “The impossible dream” we see many faces of this band – hard rocking, soft and soothing, and anything inbetween. Next up is “Moving on” which is highly BLACK SABBATH influenced, as is also “Fallen from grace”. However, MISTH find more variation in the songs and arrangements. They have an almost playful ability to go from an uptempo and quite rough-edged part to very calm moments with almost orientalic mysticism involved.

The production by MATS HALLSTENSSON (HOUSE OF SHAKIRA) is good. Maybe a bit rougher than what I have prefered but hard rockers will absoutely feel at home. Maybe the sound picture is deliberately chosen by the band and the producer. Maybe it’s just the AOR man inside me who speaks when I feel I'd like it a bit more melodic. I would have liked some more harmony vocals as well, but otherwise this is way above average. The more you listen to this cool CD, the more details you’ll discover. Very good!

Line-up: JÖRGEN SCHELANDER (keys, backing vocals), HÅKAN GRANAT (guitars, backing vocals), FREDRIK GLIMBRAND (guitars, backing vocals), MARIA RÅDSTEN (lead & backing vocals), OLLE BODÉN (bass, backing vocals) and MARTIN LARSSON (drums, percussion).


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