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Lonerider - Attitude

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-04-26
Label: Escape
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: no info
Artist discography


Goodness, we’re really talking classic rock veterans here! LONERIDER are none other than vocalist STEVE OVERLAND (FM and more), guitar & keyboard player STEVE MORRIS (HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN), bass player CHRIS CHILDS (THUNDER), drummer SIMON KIRKE (of FREE & BAD COMPANY fame) and BRIAN J ANTHONY on percussion, acoustic guitars and mandolin.

What we get here is kind of what one would expect – and hope for – with guys like this. LONERIDER takes us into a mix of early BAD COMPANY and 90’s FM, with a sound that brings more 70’s influences than for example FM has ever done. Still the guys manage to bring “today” into the sound as well, making it an irresistible menu for rock fans. It’s like “Is this AOR? Is it hard rock? Is it melodic rock?” It is a screaming YES on all those questions, since it is a mix of all.

And seldom do you hear such a tight rhythm section! These guys know what they’re doing. Just hear the beat and swing in “Lonerider” or “Fast train”! It is not hard to find other artist in the same genre, but most of them are not even close to finding the one-ness or togetherness that LONERIDER creates.

The voice of STEVE OVERLAND never misses a note either, he’s perfect as always – no matter if it’s balladry or uptempo stuff.

The song material is not like “ah, this is the best song I’ve heard in my whole life” with smashing choruses – but the way they perform everything makes it a winner anyway. You can’t stand still to it, kind of in the same way that you see people of all ages in front of a live concert with STATUS QUO. No further comparisons. Get this album! Please also note: the double vinyl LP brings bonus tracks!


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