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Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2019-10-18
Label: Napalm Records Handels Gmbh
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Michael Baskette
Artist discography


Alter Bridge of course is well known for being built right from the ashes of Creed.
Post grunge influences are present to this very day and are added with loads of hooks and a lot of melodic variety.
From their 2004 debut, “One Day Remains,” to their newly released “Walk the Sky,” the group has displayed a gift for delivering epic songs with other emotion driven vocals and thundering riffs.
On “Walk the Sky,” out Friday Alter Bridge make a splendid return which holds 14 tracks of pure energy. 
The album kicks in with the short mystically sung “One Life” on which Myles Kennedy gives a hint of that lies ahead.
The first released single “Wouldn’t You Rather” follows up setting some pace with cool riffing by Mark Tremonti’s and Kennedy’s powerful  and diverse vocals, 
As “Walk the Sky” continues, each track have their own unique footprint regarding melody and heavyness. “In the Deep” for example has a lot of diversity sounding heavy, catchy, laid back and also an anthem like chorus all just in one song!
On “Godspeed” Tremonti wrote the lyrics about losing a loved one last year and wishing him well on his journey in the next life. Pure emotion here.
“Native Son” is a straight in your face rocker with a very nice Creed style intro.
On “Take The Crown” it's all about the hooks regarding variety in raw riffing and great powerful vocals. Simply an amazing song which truly kicks ass and having a very cool outro.
And then there is “Indoctrination.” The album's best song. This song has very groovy drum and bassline which makes me think of Faith No More somehow, You canhear some Middle Eastern influences Led Zep alike vocals here and there but never losing the Alter Bridge footprint. Stunning!
The slightly more commercial “The Bitter End” holds some really wonderful lyrics. Pure poetry.
The keyboards on the “Pay No Mind” intro is something which to me are not necessary but it does not do bad to the song in total. A very powerful song indeed.
Forever Falling takes us shifting back to a very laid back intro. But it fools you when suddenly the song changes into a very catchy mid tempo rocker. This one has Creed style influences allover with the very recognizable guitar sound and Mark Tremonti showing his vocal qualities as well.. Outstanding heavyness on the closing riff.
The amazing moody vocal intro on “Clear Horizon” is really something special which amazed me and this is only a build up towards an amazing powerful rocker.
Walking On The Sky which i consider to be the title song has everything a title song should have. Epic all the way.
“Tear Us Apart” blends in with all the other songs and simply is a signature catchy Alter Bridge tune.
“Dying Light,” closes the album in style, is for sure one of the vocal highlights delivered with Kennedy’s strong vocals. “In the dying light we can begin to live again”, “We wake up to eternal light”, “Let this be an exercise in how to face your fears” I can't and don't want to argue with these amazing lines.
With an album like “Walk the Sky” Alter Bridge ones again prove themselves belonging to the premier league of modern rock. Not only musically but lyrically as well. This release is very mature, amazingly produced and has no weakspots.
It should and must be played at high volume over and over again. Don't bother your neighbors, just invite them over and rock together!


1.    "One Life"    1:23
2.    "Wouldn't You Rather"    3:51
3.    "In the Deep"    3:50
4.    "Godspeed"    4:16
5.    "Native Son"    4:15
6.    "Take the Crown"    4:47
7.    "Indoctrination"    4:40
8.    "The Bitter End"    3:44
9.    "Pay No Mind"    4:16
10.    "Forever Falling"    5:10
11.    "Clear Horizon"    4:56
12.    "Walking on the Sky"    4:55
13.    "Tear Us Apart"    4:31
14.    "Dying Light"    5:46


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