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Delores Galore - New growth (EP)

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-10-20
Label: independent
Genre: Synth
Producer: Delores Galore
Artist discography


(BRIEF REVIEW) Taking a step a bit outside of my comfort zone, I just have to bring you knowledge about a DIY synth pop album that I stumbled across. Via the single “One touch” the door opened up to the world of DELORES GALORE. It’s the monicker of GABRIELLE WASHINGTON who’s the co-fronter of the band SEXY DEX AND THE FRESH. Now on her own she gives us the 5 track EP “New growth”.

“One touch” is the obvious hit on this EP. With rich 70’s/80’s inspired synth sounds it takes us into a mix of late 70’s disco and LAURA BRANIGAN.

“Corpse inside” is quite twisted or obscure, like a new age version of synth and with weirdly programmed drums. There’s a touch of DAVID BOWIE á la late his 70’s albums. Same goes for “Still we stay”, although with a less imminent Bowie feel.

Fourth song ”Don’t stop me now” has quite a lot of YAZOO over it, actually. A bit more spaced out but a cool song. The final song “Circles” is rather soft and melancholic, built around floating synth sounds. Listen to the verse melody and chords – it’s like QUEEN’s “Radio Gaga” but slower. Quite a good song.

As music for dance clubs, this is perfect. While keeping agt least one foot in the old 70’s and 80’s music scene, it still brings a bit of a modern touch as well. As for really listening to the songs, I would personally have liked more variation in the arrangements.


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