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Am Radio - Radioactive

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2003-07-01
Label: Elektra Records
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Howard Benson
Artist discography


The southern California fivesome AM RADIO plays
tough powerpop close to modern rock kingdom near
Weezer land,Kevin Ridel-Vocals and Joe Higgins-Drums
were both members of a band called PEEL that recorded an album for Beyond Records which never came out.

They started this Ultrapop band together with guitarist Jason Moore,guitarist Rowan Robertson and Canadian bassist Bryce Soderberg to show people that
popbands can rock.
Songwriter Ridel has an odd
mix of idols with Psychedelic Furs, Robert Smith of The Cure, to Journey and of course Weezer...this
collection of bands has affected Ridel?s songwriting
in one way or another because the songs on "Radioactive" has attitude,a positive spirit and
a high melody factor.
First single "Taken for
a ride" is first class powerpop and is getting a lot
of radioplay in the states,"If this is the end" opens
the record with some nice Butch Walker harmonies and
I like the cool "Media life" which can be described
as James Bond goes modern rock.
The Weezer influences shines through on "Hush" and the mega catchy "Oh OL",two strong contenders for the next single,you bet.
The crispy production
from Howard Benson suits the band just fine and with
the crystal clear guitars,the sound on "Radioactive"
got a lotta edge....not to forget Ridel?s very
English vocals that stands somewhere between Tal
Bachman and Robert Smith(the Cure),as a matter of
fact the song "Cold blue" sounds a bit like it could?ve been written by Tal Bachman.

This record could appeal to fans of Rick Springfield
as well as Weezer,Tal Bachman or Butch Walker,so why
wait for the next album with one of those(buy them
also but)get AM RADIO first.
Kevin sings "Tomorrow I will be gone" but I don?t believe that for a second coz here are 13 short but glowing
rocking popsongs that will be released July 1st,the day of the reckoning!
So make sure you pay them a visit in Powerpop Eldorado.....or they will come to
you in the night like a good Freddy Krueger in your
dreams to remind you what you?re missing.

Tracklisting 1. If This Is the End of the World
2. Taken For A Ride
3. I Just Wanna Be Loved
4. Hush
5. Media LIfe
6. Cold Blue
7. Oh Oh Oh
8. Take Time
9. Becoming You
10. Neverwill
11. Stole the Show
12. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
13. Distant Shining Star


Melodic Net Comments 

Hi Sodey! Thanks for the info, when I recieved the advance of this CD I only had the info from their website and it said the producer was Rod Cervera but that was wrong information I noticed now when I went back to check it out. I have corrected the review!
2003-07-07 00:33:39

it was produced by howard benson by the way
2003-06-30 22:47:47

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