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Five way friday - Wrecked

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2003-10-01 Year: 2003
Label: Five Way Friday
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Mark Bryan
Artist discography


Five way Friday might be a new band for most of you, but I can tell you that this fine act has release two albums before this. The one that I?ve enjoys most from them are the 2000 release called ?Run like this?, which contained a bunch of great rockers in the same division of Matchbox 20 and Train, but in a little bit more pop orientated way. This new effort is produced by the Hootie and the blowfish member and guitarist Mark Bryan, which have given them a more worked out thoroughly production and made them closer band s like the bands I compared them with.
It?s quite hard to say if this is modern rock or Midwest cause they can be ound somewhere between those two genres as Rob Thomas and his band did with their killer debut ?Yourself or someone like me? in 1997. This might not be as good as the Matchbox 20 debut, but I?m sure that those who likes that one will have a good time listen to ?Wrecked?.
Faster tracks like ?Lapsed catholic?, ?Vision in white? and ?Western folks? are all highlights, but not the best ones my opinion. Nope! The killer on this album is the piano based ballad ?Return? with lovely harmonies, which Rob Thomas would have been really proud of if he had wrote it.
I must mention one more song. The 9th one called ?Hard to believe? with a west-coast feeling ala Toto is really lovely and overall I must say that this a fine album from these four guys. Not that revolutionary, but really good for what it is and must be checked up if you?re into the more rootsy and traditional version of the modern rock.

Tracklisting 1. Lapsed Catholic
2. Around Again
3. Everbody's Angel
4. Good Girls Don't Lie
5. Vision in White
6. Call
7. Western Folk
8. Return
9. Hard to Believe
10. American Dream
11. Whiskey Dick


Melodic Net Comments 

Danny W
refreshing brand of music, I'm glad I found it on i tunes. Just a real nice change from the, I cant hear the lyrics, or screaming over the music, I don't know what happened to this band but what a great sound. I wish I found this when it came out in 03

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