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SR-71 - Axl Rose

Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Year: 2003
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Mitch Allan
Artist discography


Music business can be real cruel sometimes thinking
of a band like SR 71,the super rockers from Baltimore
that had a huge success with their fresh energetic modern rock/punk debut "Now you see
inside"(2000) and two years later delivered the mighty
"Tomorrow" that unfortunately didn?t sell very well,if
it had something to do with the tougher direction and
a new sound,I?ll leave to others to get into but their
record label RCA weren?t too impressed by that and in
these can?t afford to go through poor
sales with one album.
Back in the 70?s and 80?s,many of our favorite bands could survive a downperiod and then comeback to bring us a new blockbuster but today the bands don?t get a 2nd chance
and it sucks,the record industry is so fxxking disturbed and thank god there are independent labels
doing their best to keep the good music alive where
quality means more than quantity.
Mitch Allan and
the guys of SR 71 had their 15 minutes of fame and
now have to struggle to show their fans that they?re
still alive and kicking,with this new EP titled "Axl
Rose"(where did you go?)SR 71 has gone back to their
original sound on the debut with a more punkish
approach and for all who didn?t appreciate their 2nd
album that much,you should be happy with these 3 new
songs that all 3 sounds like Radiospinners to me.

"All American" can be the song that takes this band
back to the major label level because I go humming on
the melody directly after the first listen and the
other one called "Here we go again" could be an outtake from "Now you see inside",good job dudes!

But it?s all about the title track "Axl Rose" here and
it?s rocking like hell,pure high classy punkish
modern rock that deserves not only a 2nd chance,a 3rd
and a 4th and a 5th as well.....c?mon you A&R men
here and there and everywhere,are you serious when
you show your lack of interest in this brilliant band?!
Go to their site and get your copy now before it?s sold out.


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