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Story Of The Year - Page Avenue

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2003-09-16 Year: 2003
Label: Maverick Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: John Feldmann
Artist discography


With a mix of punk and post hardcore this St. Louis based band will definitely get a big fan base. Their debut produced by John Feldman (The Used) is a really nice one in the same style as Finch with a cool version of punk with some growls here and there all up mixed up nicely.

As I have mentioned a couple of times before that I?m quite fed up with all the Blink 182 clones out there with nothing original to come with. I like the energy in the punk pop for sure, but with that many sounding the same the style will kill itself I think. Story of the year though has definitely something to give us with their cool version of punk and has all the chances to break like The Used did last year.

With strong songs like the ones on their debut I would be very surprised if not Maverick Records will get a bunch of $ into their account. ?Page Avenue? starts tough with a future single candidate? in ?And the hero will drown? and finish with the hidden track ?Falling down? that sounds like a amphetamine version of our Swedish heroes Blindside. And between those songs they bring us other great ones like the first single ?Until the day I die?, ?Dive right in? and the Lucerin blue alike ?Nothing can fly?, which is my favourite here.
What else? Nothing actually! ?Page Avenue? is a very fine album in the punk/post hardcore genre and will satisfy all fans of this kind of music. The album will be out on Maverick the 16th of September and hopefully this isn?t the last we have heard from them.

Tracklisting 1. And The Hero Will Drown
2. Until The Day I Die
3. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
4. In The Shadows
5. Dive Right In
6. Swallow The Knife
7. Burning Years
8. Page Avenue
9. Sidewalks
10. Divide And Conquer
11. Razorblades
12. Falling Down - Album Version + Untitled Hidden Track


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