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Sugarbomb - Bully

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2001-09-24
Label: BMG Entertainment
Genre: Power Pop
Artist discography


Can you bel?eve this talented 5 piece band from Dallas?!(I couldn?t). Once in a while there comes a band that really shake you up and Sugarbomb is one of those. So if you?re into bands like Jellyfish and It Bites mixed up with a dose of Queen but in a modern powerpop package,you should most certainly check ?em out! The harmony vocals is excellent and together with the strong melodies they took me to the heights of Himalaya,really blown away. Their first album "Tastes like sugar" was released on the independent label Rainmaker rec. in ?99 containing 6 songs that later showed up in new fresh versions on "Bully". The album is produced by Mark Endert who also has worked with Madonna, Tonic and Vertical Horizon. The production is Big and fluffy! The album deserves a high rate and the proof lies in the 11 magnificent songs from the opening track and first single "What a drag" to the last and stunning track "After all"(every pomprock lovers wet dream). All there is to make a smile on your face is to listen to Sugarbomb.

Tracklisting 1. What A Drag
2. Bully
3. Hello
4. Mail Order Girlfriend
5. Motor Mouth
6. Clover
7. Over
8. Gone
9. Posterchild for Tragedy
10. Waiting
11. After All


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