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Mest - s/t

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Maverick Records
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: John Feldmann
Artist discography


This third and latest effort from Mest follows the typical punk-pop formula with every single clich? in it. The mega catchy melodies are here, the ultra fast drumming can be heard and the lack of own personality is also included in the package. They still have a little touch of ska in them at times, which makes them a little different from bands like Good Charlotte and Blink 182.
But once again I have to say that there are too many bands out there sounding the same in this genre. And I have no idea why all these punk/pop singers have the same kind of voices that makes it impossible to separate them. This isn?t unique for this kind of music because how many Eddie Vedder clones haven?t we heard the last years? But a different type of vocalist would definitely be nice to hear once in a while.

Even if this is just another punk-pop album it will probably work pretty good on the market. These Chicago guys are on the major label Maverick and are established now with three records out. And once again theyve been produced by the Goldfinger member John Feldman( The Used and Story of the year), which of course have given them a good sound. But the album feels too over worked with exact string arrangements and keyboards that I?m pretty sure that they don?t use live.
The kids will probably buy this concept, but for a 28 year old guy like me this feels way too childish and bubble gum plastic so don?t bother unless you?re a punk rock fanatic.

Tracklisting 1. Until I Met You - Non-PA Version
2. Rooftops
3. Jaded - These Years Album Version
4. Night Alone
5. Burning Bridges
6. Walking On Broken Glass
7. Your Promise
8. 2000 Miles
9. Shell Of Myself - Non-PA Version
10. Lost, Broken, Confused
11. Chance of A Lifetime
12. Return To Self-Loathing
13. Paradise - 122nd and Highland Non-PA Version-"Paradise 122nd and Highland " + Hidden Tracks "25 Ta Life" and "Spoken Word"


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