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The Rising - Future unknown

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Maverick Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Rick Beato
Artist discography


The Rising from Atlanta, Georgia is another fantastic band under the sun and has done a great album that probably will end up quite high on my top 20 list when the year is over.

When you listen to this album you might think that this band can?t miss to break through ?coz their musical concept is almost complete with a great vocalist in Michael Lee, great songs from start to end and a nice production from Rick Beato (Flickerstick & Shinedown). But since the music business is way too much the promotionpart to reach out to the right target of people I?m not sure how this album will work on the market. There?s a lot of people that really likes this kind of rock, and I want to include the Aor freaks,because this has the same lovely harmonies that we have been given from that genre the last 28 years. And hopefully have Maverick done a good job with that promo part ?coz these young lads deserves to be heard.

Michael, the lead vocalist in the band is originally from Perth, Australia, which can be heard here with a fine portion of Aussie rock. And if Maverick is smart they should release this one in the land of the kangaroos and Fosters,this album would really work there I think. They have a good tradition there with nice bands like Taxiride and Invertigo and I think that it?s down under they would have the biggest chance to break. Future will tell?..

Anyway, this is a really fine moment of modern rock and with songs like ?Cradle?, ?Future unknown? and ?Redemption? these guys will sure satisfy all those who are into this kind of rock. Nothing new and revolutionary, but damn good for what it is and a safe buy if you think that a mix of Vonray, The Calling, Closure, Dakona, U2 and Dishwalla is something for you.
Lovely stuff!

Tracklisting 1. Cradle
2. Lie To Me
3. Future Unknown
4. Redemption
5. So Alive
6. Coming Down
7. These Days
8. Gone Again
9. Let You Go
10. Who You Are
11. Yesterdays


Melodic Net Comments 

Fantastic album. I cannot stop listening to songs like Future Unknown, Redemption and Gone Again.
2011-05-31 21:07:58


I got it, and is good!

I canĀ“t find this cd anywhere and want it so badly after hearing 4 songs on it, anyone know where I can get this will pay top dollar.
2007-05-20 07:56:05

Bengt Rist
3 years have past, I still agree with the coment that Kaj had back then, simply marvelous!

Heaven baby,heaven......can it be more melodic?! can it be more gorgeous?.....AOR and modern rock in a golden mix of wetdreams for musiclovers like myself and passionate vocals that?ll make time stand still!
2003-09-26 01:45:59

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