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Dope - Group Therapy

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Artemis
Genre: Industrial
Producer: Edsel Dope/Jay Baumgardner
Artist discography


The numetal brothers Edsel and Simon Dope are back on the streets with their 3rd album "Group Therapy",in 99
they gave us "Felons and revolutionaries" and in 2001
the sophomore release "Life" was out by EPIC but now
they have changed record label to Artemis and the sound has become more industrial from the ordinary numetal they played on the last album.
Somewhere between Godhead and White Zombie we can file this new album,I wasn?t too impressed by "Life" which I got tired of pretty fast but this new industrial sound fits Dope more I think.
"Group therapy" contains 13 new songs including the first single/video "Bitch" that is uncensored at their site for viewing if you?re into naked girls kissing eachother.....
The first thing I remember when reading about this album was that they had recorded a cover of Billy Idol?s Rebel Yell,only for
downloading at their site a while back and not to be featured on the album,I taped it because it was a good version.
There are some cool sequencers and
other programmed synthesizers on this machine dominating production but as on the last record,Dope needs the highlights that Orgy and Godhead has on their brilliant efforts.
"Motivation" is a good song that sounds great at a loud volume,"Paranoia"
contains a brutal murder riff and the opening track "Falling away" is quite melodic but they are pretty much forgettable stuff.
When Dope tries to be commercial on "Another day goes by",it just gets tiresome because Edsel and Simon are no hitmakers in that matter.
An okay record,no more!

Tracklisting 1. Falling Away
2. Bitch
3. I Am
4. Motivation
5. Sing
6. Now Is The Time
7. Paranoia
8. Bring It On
9. Another Day Goes By
10. Today Is The Day
11. Burn
12. Easier
13. So Low


Melodic Net Comments 

I was lucky enough to acquire an advance release of Dope?s new album, Group Therapy, a couple of weeks ago. This advance does not have the 13 videos which will be on the official release, but this is good enough for now. It should hold me over until October 21, 2003 when Group Therapy hits the stores. As a whole, Group Therapy is an amazing album. It is so much in line with the natural evolution of the band and where they are now compared to where they were with Felons & Revolutionaries and Life. It?s almost hard for me to imagine Dope being able to ever top Group Therapy. But, Dope is always full of surprises. Actually, I?ve learned to never hold any expectations from these boys because all they?ll do is just blow them away. So, when I acquired this copy of the CD, I made sure I had cleared any and all preconceptions of what this album would be from my mind. And it?s a damn good thing that I did. This album has just taken it?s place in the top 5 best hard rock/heavy metal albums of all times. Now . . . on to the songs. (This advance copy has 14 tracks on it, but the official release will only contain 13. My guess is, and I could be wrong, one of the versions of Sing will be removed.) Falling Away This song is so different than anything I have ever heard from Dope before. Of course, its a fantastic song. You can hear a little of Dopes older sound here, but there is so much more of a . . . maturity (?) here. I dont know if thats the right word, but it seems to fit. Very heavy but melodic at the same time. Edsels voice isnt as distorted as in a lot of their other stuff and this is a good indication of the talent he really has. Bitch First off . . . This is not the same version of Bitch that was on Felons For Life. This is the new and improved version. This is the version thats in the video currently posted at The words here are a little different than the Felons For Life version. The music also seems to be a little heavier. And something about this version is about 100 times more erotic. This is ranking right up there as possibly on of my all time favorite Dope songs. I Am When was advertising for the video shoot in NYC for this song, they had a clip of the song playing. "Fuck you! I am what I am!" Very heavy and very hard and very angry. And that is what I was expecting on this song. But thats not what I got. Yes, that one section, towards the end, is very hard, heavy and angry. The rest of the song is not. Its got the typical hard Dope sound, but its got a lot of melody and some beautiful vocals. More than telling someone to fuck off for not accepting Edsel for what he is, this song almost sounds like hes pleading to be accepted for what he is. And what he is is what he is. Motivation Get off your ass and do something! I think this song should be dedicated to Trent Reznor and Axl Rose. ?Make your body move! Get on your feet! Motivation!!!? Heh! Okay, I?m sorry. That was uncalled for. This song has an amazing drum line. I absolutely love it. It?s hard and grinding but it also makes me want to get up and dance. It gets under your skin. Sing This is possibly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life. If anyone ever had any doubts about Edsel?s ability to sing . . . this song will prove that he can do it. And you know, I can?t even begin to tell you how this song makes me feel. ?When you feel like this, you really wish everything else would just go away.? This song would make a multi-million selling single. Now Is The Time My younger brother absolutely HATES Dope. But I was forcing him to listen to this CD and when Now Is The Time ended, he looked up at me and said ?I love that song!? I never thought I?d hear him say something like that about Dope. Again, this song is quite different than most of Dope?s other songs, but there is still the distinctive Dope sound. Hard guitars and a powerful drum beat with a few electronic sounds thrown in for good measure. And Edsel?s growling vocals!!! Heh! Gotta fuckin? love it! Parinoia (Unmastered Ruff Mix) Well, the tile pretty much says it all. The song starts off with Edsel saying that they are after him. If it weren?t for Edsel?s voice, I wouldn?t believe this was Dope. It?s a terrific, amazing, fantastic song. I love it. But it?s not something I would expect to hear from Dope. (Preconceptions can be fatal where Dope is concerned.) Also, this song should be titled Pari-fucking-noia since that?s what he says in the song. It?s very catchy though, sticks in your head, also very ?ruff? and grinding. Bring It On Now this sounds like Dope!!! I don?t know. It?s not that it sounds like any other Dope song really, but something about it just has a very Dope-like quality to it. I guess only Dope could do a song like this. Lots of drums and quiet guitars. And the bass lines in this song really groove. Another Day Goes By I have wanted to hear this song forever. The lyrics were printed in the CD booklet for Life, but the song was not on that CD. And the lyrics are beautiful. I just knew the song would be beautiful as well when I finally got to hear it. And I was not wrong. ?And today I don?t feel like waking up. But the show must go on.? Heh! I can relate to that. I know that feeling all too well. Absolutely beautiful. I almost cried when I listened to this the first time. I was speechless, awestruck. Today Is The Day I like the song, very very very much. It?s a great song. I love the line ?Today is the day that I will smoke it all away, that I will toke it all away.? That made me laugh when I heard it. Anyway, it?s got a classic hard rock sound to it and I really do like it. Burn Oh my!!! This song reminds me of Die Mother Fucker Die!!! It doesn?t sound like Die MF Die, but the whole attitude of the song is just so much along the same lines. This song is fucking mean and loud and angry and in your face!!! ?Kill the fucking enemy, kill the fucking enemy, burn, burn, burn the mother fucker to the ground!!!? I will definitely be listening to this one over and over after a hard day at work. Perfect for taking out your angst and aggression. My brother pointed out to me that the lyrics are almost patriotic. When you take this song and think about the things that have been happening since 9-11, this song could very well be patriotic. I am a firm believer that Burn should be the new National Anthem of the USA. Easier I cried. That?s all I can say. You just have to hear it. No words can describe it. So Low And then this one reminds me a little of You?re Full Of Shit from the Life CD. Again, it?s not the sound of it, it?s the attitude. Another good song full of anger. And this one has a groovy fucking sound to it. I actually felt like getting up and dancing to this one. And I think this one will also move it?s way to my top 10 Dope songs. Sing (Alt Version) The lyrics to both versions of Sing are the same. But there seems to be a slight difference in some of the music, not much, just subtle little things. Again, a beautiful song that shows what Edsel can really do with that beautiful voice of his. And I am fully convinced that anyone who hears this song will instantly be a Dope fan.
2003-10-05 19:20:36

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