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Zebrahead - MFZB

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Red Ink
Genre: Punk Rock
Artist discography


It?s been 3 years since the mighty successful "Playmate of the year"(2000) which I was huge fan of with their wonderful mix of ultra catchy upspeeded punkpop,really good AOR influenced refrains
and rap parts (fortunately not so much).
These California punkrockers were a part of the new wave of modern punk with bands like Blink 182,Sum 41 and Bowling for soup but Zebrahead is better than the others.Bandmembers Justin Mauriello (vocals, guitar); Ali Tabatabaee (rap vocals); Greg Bergdorf (guitar); Ben Osmundson (bass); Ed Udhus (drums) formed the band in 96 and 2 years later their debut "Waste of mind" came out.
Has anything changed?,can they still make the same good stuff? or are we beginning to feel that it?s enough of this trendish music that almost only appeals to the in-crowd?
Well,to satisfy their fans the band hasn?t still the same typical Zebrahead sound and they still do write good songs but I must admit that this record feels a bit *safe* just like in the same case with Goo Goo Dolls follow up record "Gutterflower" to the
stunning "Dizzy up the girl",it?s pretty much the same
album and it?s the same thing with MuthaFxxkingZebraheadBitch.
And to answer the third and last question,I don?t feel like I belong in the in-crowd but all good things come to an end and so do this genre so yes,people will soon get tired of this modern punk explosion.....I saw it happen to the soft modern rock and now the numetal genre has reached it?s top.
All the songs on this new album could?ve been taken from "Playmate of the year",the first single "Into you" is a blockbuster hit as far as the eye can see and I like it very much
but as much as I love their new piece of work....I do hope that they will open up for new ideas because I don?t wanna hear an exact same copy of these two again!
You get 15 new songs on MFZB and if you?re a real fan you must have the japanese version with 3 bonus tracks including the Cheap Trick cover "Surrender",the other two aren?t their best songs but not crappy either.
Looking at the U.S release-MFZB contains entertaining tracks like "Resque me"(party song),"Expectations"(Linkin Park goes punk),"Over the edge"(a flirt with Guns and roses Sweet child of mine) and "Hello tomorrow"(stage rocker),nice stuff but their POTY album feels more fresh to listen to....however their 2003 effort rocks good and take my words for it.....there are more hits on this record,"House is not my home"
might be on everybody?s lips when winter comes.

Tracklisting 1. Rescue Me
2. Over The Edge
3. Strength - Explicit Album Version
4. Hello Tomorrow
5. The Set-Up
6. Blur - Explicit Album Version
7. House Is Not My Home
8. Into You
9. Alone - Explicit Album Version
10. Expectations - Explicit Album Version
11. Falling Apart
12. Let It Ride - Explicit Album Version
13. Type A - Explicit Album Version
14. Runaway - Explicit Album Version
15. Dear You (Far Away) - Explicit Album Version
16. The Fear


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2007-06-02 07:02:52

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