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Thursday - War All The Time

Thursday - War All The Time

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Island Records
Genre: Post Hardcore
Producer: Sal Villamueva
Artist discography


New Jersey rockers Thursday plays a more punkinfluenced posthardcore like having Clash going totally nuts and beating the hell out their amplifiers,luckily there are more growls than screams in anger from vocalist Geoff Rickly.
The songtitles are filled with humour just like the ones on Poison the well?s new album,just take "This song brought to you by a falling bomb"....aren?t we all tired of the commercials and the sponsors that infects every tv-show nowadays...a falling bomb indeed!
Thursday doesn?t have the same heavyweight production as From Autumn to Ashes that I just wrote about but the songs feels more okay to endure because that?s just what it enduro to get through,maybe I?m getting old and it?s the youngsters that should enjoy this but once in a while a real good hardcore album comes along BUT it aint Thursday.
No matter what day in the week it was,it was always thursdays in school Fish and soup was served and that I could do without...just like this Thursday too,they give me nothing!

Tracklisting 1. For The Workforce, Drowning
2. Between Rupture And Rapture
3. Division St.
4. Signals Over The Air
5. Marches And Maneuvers
6. Asleep In The Chapel
7. This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb
8. Steps Ascending
9. War All The Time
10. M. Shepard
11. Tomorrow I'll Be You


Melodic Net Comments 

Whoever wrote this review has absolutely no clue what there going on about..this album may not be the best material they've wrote but its still a work of art!

This has to be the worst review ever.

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