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Something Corporate - North

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: MCA
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Jim Wirt
Artist discography


They?re back!,and with a bang..yeehaaa,I knew it!,I knew it!...I liked these youngsters debut album a lot but thought they should mature a bit because the vocals sounded a bit puppy-like but the music was there.This quintet had it so to speak.
Only a year has passed but that was enough to grow at least 10 years in life experience and be more adult modern rock,gone is the punkpop we heard on "Leaving through the window" and this new album "North" features more smart/intelligent Third Eye Blind kinda modern rock,in fact-this album feels like a tanker compared to 3EB?s latest fishing boat "Out of the vein".
It?s the piano part that makes the album be as good as it is,ofcourse it was great on the last album too but songwriter/pianist/vocalist Andrew McMahon must have listened a lot to Vanessa Carlton because he?s taken the songs one step further into an
adorable trip of melodic euphoria,the song "Me and the moon" could?ve been written with Vanessa.
Andrew is like a young Elton John that gives a shit about ballads and only wanting to write smashing pop/rock,just listen to the opening track "As you sleep" and surrender to this talented guy.
But he?s not alone being a strong composer in this band,guitarplayer Josh Partington has written 4 songs on this magnificent album including the mega modern rock single "Space",anyone who doesn?t enjoy
that tune aint no real modern rocker!
Swing your legs to the catchy "Ruthless" or singalong to the hummable "The runaway",be cozy with your dearest to "I wont make you" or get the party started with "Only ashes" see,Something Corporate reaches out to a wide,wide world.
God it?s nice being a music lover when albums like this comes along.

X-Large modern rock

Tracklisting 1. As You Sleep
2. Space
3. Down
4. Only Ashes
5. Me And The Moon
6. The Runaway
7. Ruthless
8. She Paints Me Blue
9. Break Myself
10. I Won't Make You
11. 21 And Invincible
12. Miss America


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Beng Rist
One of the best from -03

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