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Crazy Town - Darkhorse

Reviewer :
Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Year: 2002
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Metal
Producer: Howard Benson
Artist discography


Southern California rap-rockers Crazy Time is a good example of a one hit wonder band and a proof of how important it is get ?that? hit single. With their debut album ?Gift of game? including the world wide hit ?Butterfly? they have sold the incredible number of 2.5 million copies and was frequently played on the ultra commercialised media channel MTV. So with around 5% sold units of this one called ?Darkhorse? from last year compared to the debut this is nothing but a huge flop to be honest. It?s not a great album that should sell that many so 6000 feels also pretty much compared to Butch Walker?s excellent debut that only sold like 1700 copies. But it?s funny and quite sad to see how big importance promotion and a hit has for a band to reach out. In this case is the number of sold albums a little bit misleading cause ?Darkhorse? is not a totally bad album in my opinion. Songs like ?Hurt you so bad?, ?Drowning? and ?Sorry? are all good recommendable songs where we luckily can here Seth singing instead of that stupid rap.

So bad is the wrong word explaining this failure. Uninteresting is a better word for it coz? it?s a pretty boring history and I would be very surprised if would see another album with Crazy Town on the Columbia label. ????..zzzzzzz.

Tracklisting 1. Decorated
2. Hurt You So Bad
3. Drowning
4. Change
5. Candy Coated
6. Waste of My Time
7. Sorry
8. Battle Cry
9. Take It To The Bridge
10. Skulls and Stars
11. Beautiful
12. You're The One
13. Them Days


Melodic Net Comments 

I am rating not the album, but the reviewer's ability to string a sentence together.

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