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Wheatus - Hand Over Your Loved Ones

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Power Pop
Producer: Wheatus
Artist discography


Is there anyone out there who hasn?t sung along with the billion dollar hit "Teenage dirt bag"?! or their 2nd hit and Erasure cover "A little respect"?!,well if so,you are a few!
This 6 piece happy sounding super catchy poprock band from Long Island,NY has taken 3 years to work on the follow up album to the successful debut from 2000.
Yes,you read it right,they are 6 guys now.....well 3 of them are girls-the nucleus of the band with brothers Brendan B. Brown ? Vocals/ Guitar and Pete Brown ? Drums are still there together with bassplayer Mike McCabe.
Joining forces for the new album are their sister Liz Brown on background vocals plus Kathryn Froggatt-Backing Vocals and then they also added keyboardplayer Shannon Harris from U.K.
Gone is the punk influences on this album but Wheatus are still incredibly catchy and they do make me happy while listening to these Wacko tunes,with lovely brass arrangements and cool harmony vocals that makes me wanna think about B 52?s in some way-the music from this *summer-all-year* band puts a big smile on your face,that?s a promise if you?re open for anything odd.

Think Everclear meeting Gregg Alexander with some B 52?s in it and you?ve got the special Powerpop Wheatus are playing,this 2nd album is self produced just as the debut and they did a great job really worth an applause.
I don?t hear any blockbuster hits such as "Teenage dirt bag" on the 2003 effort but there are some possible minor hit candidates like the charming "Freak on" or the addictive "Anyway".
The first single "American in Amsterdam" has just been released so it?s a bit too early to see if it?s a hit but it?s a nice tune that could be on everybody?s lips this winter.....the only problem is that the album should be out in summer instead because too many people are "season listeners" if you know what I mean.
Probably the happiest record of the year anyway.

Tracklisting 1. American In Amsterdam
2. The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me
3. Anyway
4. Freak On
5. Lemonade
6. The Deck
7. Fair Weather Friend
8. Randall
9. Whole Amoeba
10. Dynamite Satchel of Pain


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