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The Early November - The Rooms Too Cold

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Geffen/Drive thru
Genre: Emo
Producer: Chris Badami
Artist discography


New Jersey based band The Early November does something so strange as mixing Britpop a la Oasis with more modern EMO sounding rock,they released the EP "For all of this" last year and now they?re out in the streets with a full length album that is very varied.
Led by singer/songwriter Ace Enders-this quartet wants to do something original but without the smashing songs,Ace is no Liam Gallagher when it comes to songwriting....he sure do tries his best on getting his cool ideas out to the world but the music never gets hot-in fact....November is a cold month and these guys are still in the room that?s too cold!
I need some rocket fuel now to get me warm,now where?s that FLIPP record when I want it?There?s no cock in Early November?s rock

Tracklisting 1. Ever So Sweet
2. Something That Produces Results
3. The Mountain Range In My Living Room
4. Sesame, Smeshame
5. Baby Blue
6. The Course Of Human Life
7. Dinner At The Money Table
8. Exchanging Two Hundred
9. My Sleep Pattern Changed
10. Fluxy
11. Everything's Too Cold...But You're So Hot


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