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Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Epic/Immortal
Genre: NuMetal
Producer: Korn
Artist discography


Over a decade,this mega selling numetal band has taken over the title as the No:1 metal band of the world from Metallica.
Singer/producer Jonathan Davies
decided for this new record that the band should produce the album by themselves to bring back some of the anger and rawness that was missing on "Untouchables".
Their real die hard fans will probably love the new album more than "Untouchables" because of the overproduction it had,I loved the sound Michael Bienhorn(Fuel)gave Korn on the 2002 release but it?s also their most melodic record even if it was Monster heavy too.
The whole album was a complete science and it?s better than "Take a look in the mirror" in my point of view,Davies and Co have gone back to their early more raw sound on the 2003 CD
and they do deliver some thunder riffs but I can?t deny that I am a bit disappointed because the strong songs are missing to fill up a whole album.
The two singles "Did my time" and "Right now" are the two best tracks plus the cool and melodic "Alive" that sure sounds like an upcoming single but far from not much to get excited over,the hiphop metal they are playing around with on "Play me" is dreadful.
They end the record with a cover of Metallica?s "One" and that feels like a bonus for their die hard fans only,too many songs sounds alike so my final opinion about TALITM is - essential for true Korn fans,us others.......nah!

Tracklisting 1. Right Now - Dirty Version
2. Break Some Off
3. Counting On Me
4. Here It Comes Again
5. Deep Inside
6. Did My Time
7. Everything I've Known
8. Play Me (featuring Nas)
9. Alive
10. Let's Do This Now
11. I'm Done
12. Y'all Want A Single
13. When Will This End
14. One


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Did you know that?

Jonathan Davis was a Mortician before he decided to step up as the frontman for “Korn.” He also dates porn stars, including Tear Patrick.

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