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Elemental - s/t

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Year: 2003
Label: Self Released
Genre: AOR
Producer: Elemental
Artist discography


This is a duo featuring multi musician Juhani Nahkala from Sweden and American singer Jeremey Hunsicker that also sings in Journey tribute band Frontiers,the first thing that strikes me is that Jeremey sounds a lot like a young Perry (but not as good) so I guess he does a good job in the tribute band.
This is a 6 track demo they are shipping around to labels and the performance level is quite good and nothing to complain about but in the songwriting aspects I feel they could?ve had some help from outer forces because the AOR these 2 are playing don?t excite me that much the legends did in the 80?s.
First song "One by one" is the best one of them all and with more tracks like that uptempo rocker,Elemental could fill a whole album.
2nd track "One dimension" sounds like an ordinary 80?s melodic metal uptempo thing but without any good melodies,3rd out is almost a copy of the classic tune "With a little help from my friends" but this one?s called "Time enough" and it sure feels like time enough for me to jump over it.
Next song is "Love me lonely" and it echoes out some Giuffria vibes but without the majestic keyboards,okay song anyway.
Jeremey sounds the most like Perry on "I believe" and the verses are really good but whatever happened to the refrain?!,did they lose it on the way to the studio?
Last song is "Requiem(Dance with a memory) that is available for download for a cheap expense at their site,ELEMENTAL receives no money from this promotion, all proceeds are going to benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust so it?s for a good cause you see.
But is it good?,it won?t heat up my blood but it ain?t bad either.....just ordinary!
My advice to these guys who without doubt can play and sing is to get help with the songwriting and it can be really good for a full length album.

Tracklisting 1. Malo Sutra
2. Napokon!
3. Odrastanje
4. Tako Lijepa
5. Ova Glava Zna
6. Oprostajna Pisma
7. Romantika
8. Iz Dana U Dan
9. Pricaj Sa Mnom
10. Sama
11. Male Stvari (Studio Session)
12. Prsti Jedne Ruke
13. Materijalist (Bonus Track)
1. Romantika (Chokoolade Mix)
2. Nema Vremena (Shot Remix)
3. Male Stvari
4. Rima Ritam Muzika (Vo. 3)
5. Ostavi T.R.A.G. (Live)
6. Tempo Velegrada (Live)
7. Sama (Live)
8. Romantika (D.Bloo Room Mix)


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